Vitality Health Center offers a distinctive chiropractic approach based on

Dr. Queen's statement of mission: to recognize that every individual and condition is unique and to take the time to hear and to understand your goals and expectations. We offer personalized, individual chiropractic treatment that is customized for your needs and comfort level. Out treatments emphasize the use of a wide variety and combination of hands-on techniques, soft tissue work, and rehabilitation protocols that are tailored for each person. 

Vitality Health Center produces results, often upon the first treatment. Those results carry over to your everyday lives, not only in physical well-being but also in the ability to do the things you love. 

Dr. Queen's chiropractic education and background allow her to inspire hope where others have failed. This is the reason why Vitality Health Center attracts chronic pain patients, especially those that have sought the services of other healthcare professionals without finding the path to success and health. 

What we offer you