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Care of Children 

Chiropractic care makes its most powerful impact on children. The spine is a vital relationship to all functions of the body. If we can insure the health and strength of the spine while growing we can support the well-being of future generations. A spinal adjustments done on a child uses the amount of pressure that one would use to grip a tomato. Our doctor is a leader in the field of chiropractic care for children and has specific post graduate certifications qualifying them to administer care to children of all ages. 

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Specific Gentle Care 

Chiropractic education gives a chiropractor the tools to be able to assess and then render the safest, most specific and gentle care to the people they serve.  Our doctor is trained in a variety of chiropractic techniques and because their passion is to be the best clinician for her patients, she enrolls in continuing education courses related to all the newest advances in chiropractic. This allows the care she renders to be specific to the individual person whether they be a newborn, a child, an adult or an elderly individual.